The Dream


If you knew me in 2009-2015 and asked the question that everyone asks a university student “what will you do when you graduate?” my answer was always one word. “Leave”. I’ve always wanted to go places, get out, adventure, just…go. If you asked for more detail I would have said “I’ve always wanted to bike Europe, I’ll probably go in January”.  In my head this would have been January 2016, 8 months after I finished my Bachelor’s degree and ready to rule the world at 23 years old.

Oh dreams, its strange how convinced you can be of something but as the deadline draws closer you look at your friends, your job, your cozy apartment, and think “but I like it here.” These are things I never thought I would find such contentedness in, and yet I did. And so the months passed and I worked, I danced, I attended events, enjoyed festivals and music and people and food. I made dear friends, and I realized that I loved my life, and that maybe it was ok for me to stay put for awhile. I found a job in my field of study that is fulfilling and stuffed with people dear to my heart.  I met a boy, I spent a month wandering the UK and Ireland by myself, and I biked all the time – year round, and I was happy.

And yet… its still there. That urge to get out, go, move, conquer. I’ve sat “still” for  a mere 1.5 years and I feel as though I’m suffocating. Time to stretch my legs and see if I’m truly capable of all the things I think I am.


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